In addition to current research and work in progress, I have given talks and papers, or have recently been invited to present, at the following research events.
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20 November 2020 Perceiving Situational Properties University of Oxford Property Perception Workshop Web page 
14 January 2020 The Auditory Field University of Glasgow Perception, Colour & the Epistemology Within Conference  
25 October 2019 Synchronising the Senses: The Temporal Structure of Perceptual Experience University of Oslo Oslo Mind Group Seminar Web page 
15 January 2019 Property-Perception and the Spatial Structure of Audition Washington University in St Louis (Online) Philosophy & Psychology Seminar  
11 September 2018 Windows on Time: The Temporal Structure of Multisensory Experience University of Rijeka, Croatia European Society for Philosophy & Psychology (ESPP) 2018 Conference website 
3 August 2018 Comparative Looks and Perceptual Capacities Trømse, Norway Attention and Perceptual Capacities Workshop  
23 February 2018 Does Property-Perception Entail Representational Content? University of Zurich Perception: Particularity, Content, and Relation Workshop  
15 September 2017 Discussion Panel Member Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, Glasgow The Particularity of Perception Workshop Web page 
22 June 2017 Comments on Olfactory Imagery Radboud University, Nijmegen Human Olfaction at the Intersection of Language, Culture and Biology Web page 
29 March 2017 How Many Senses? University of York (S)PIN Workshop on Naturalism in Philosophy of Perception Project website 
10 August 2016 Is There an Auditory Field? University of St Andrews  European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP) Conference website 
9 June 2016 Is There an Auditory Field? University of Antwerp Perceiving at a Distance Conference Web page 
5 May 2016 Is There an Auditory Field? University of Glasgow Early Career Mind Network Research Forum Web page 
1 March 2016 Phenomenal Looks, Phenomenal Content University of Glasgow Senior Seminar  
13 January 2016 Is Perceptual Experience Representational? Travis’s Argument from Looks Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo Thought and Sense Kickoff Workshop Web page 
10 November 2015 Individuating the Senses of Taste and Smell University of Sussex Cognitive Science Research Seminar Web page 
4 August 2015 The Two Senses of Smell University of Warwick Early Career Mind Network Pilot Meeting Web page 
4 June 2015 Introduction to The Matrix University of Glasgow Glasgow Science Festival YouTube video 
26 March 2015 Do Visual Experiences Have Contents? Siegel’s Argument from Appearing University of Tübingen Workshop on Perception and Reasoning with Susanna Siegel Web page 
19 March 2015 Perception and Reality: The Argument from Illusion Research Club, Ashton Lane, Glasgow Late Night Science: Illusion and Perception Facebook event 
25 February 2015 The Two Senses of Smell University of Edinburgh Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Reading Group (PPIG) YouTube video 
13 November 2014 Are the Senses Silent? Travis’s Argument from Looks University of Stirling Visiting Speaker Seminar Web page 
16 September 2014 Orthonasal and Retronasal Olfaction: One Sense or Two? Noto, Sicily European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP) Symposium web page 
19 June 2014 How Many Senses of Smell? Institute of Philosophy, London Rethinking the Senses Research Day Web page 
9 April 2014 The Argument from Looks: A Plea for Representational Humility University of Sussex E-Intentionality Seminar  
14 March 2014 Response to Marta Tafalla, ‘A World Without the Olfactory Dimension’ Institute of Philosophy, London The Two Senses of Smell Workshop Web page 
8 November 2013 What's ‘Looks’ Got To Do With It? University of Sussex Philosophy Society Research Seminar Website 
11 June 2013 Perceptual Appearances and Representational Content University of Sussex Faculty Work-In-Progress Day  
10 October 2012 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Doing a Ph.D.* (*but were afraid to ask) University of Warwick Graduate Research Day Handout 
12 May 2012 Do Visual Experiences Have Representational Contents? University of Essex 15th Annual International Graduate Conference in Philosophy: Perception  
24 November 2011 Fragile Knowledge University of Warwick Philosophy Society Talk  
12 November 2011 Appearances Without Representation University of Oxford 15th Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference Website 
19 October 2011 Keeping Up Appearances (Without Representation) University of Warwick Graduate Research Day Website 
29 June 2011 Mind the (Content) Gaps University of Warwick Graduate Seminar  
25 January 2011 The Sound of Silence Columbia University, New York Thesis Preparation Seminar  
4 December 2010 The Sound of Silence University of Warwick MindGrad 2010 Website 
17 November 2010 Knowledge Through Ignorance University of Warwick Graduate Seminar  
5 December 2009 Response to Tim Crane, ‘The Given’ University of Warwick MindGrad 2009 Website 
2 November 2009 Presentation on ‘Is Perceptual Indiscriminability Nontransitive?’ University of Warwick Consciousness and Self-Consciousness Research Seminar  
20 May 2009 The Argument from Veridical Illusion University of Warwick Graduate Seminar  
6 February 2009 Explanatory Constraints Upon a Williamsonian Theory of Knowledge University of Warwick Graduate Seminar  
19 November 2008 Time-Consciousness and the Present: A Dynamical Systems Perspective University of Warwick Graduate Seminar Presentation 
9 May 2008 PhilosophyWiki: A New Tool for Philosophy Research British Library Research Information Network Meeting  
20 October 2007 Time, Tense and Adverbial Change University of St Andrews Graduate Reading Party Paper 
31 March 2007 Is It Absurd to Deny Bivalence? Durham University British Undergraduate Philosophy Society Skills Conference Paper 
4 February 2006 Does Plato Have a Theory of Happiness? University of Sheffield British Undergraduate Philosophy Society Spring Conference  
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