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I have organised many research and outreach events, including international workshops on Top-Down Influences in Perceptual Experience and the Temporal Structure of Multisensory Experience, a research forum for early career philosophers of mind, and public engagement events at the Glasgow Science Festival and elsewhere.

I was Chair of the organising committee for the University of Warwick Philosophy of Mind Graduate Conference (MindGrad) in 2009, and have helped to organise and chair events at the Universities of Glasgow, London, Antwerp, Durham, Warwick, York and elsewhere (indicated by the asterisks below).

Other conferences and workshops that I have attended, or currently plan to attend, are listed below.
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6 May 2020 Epistemology of Property Perception University of Oxford Web page 
21 February 2020 Metaphysics of Property Perception Workshop University of Oxford Web page 
14 January 2020 Perception, Colour & the Epistemology Within Conference University of Glasgow  
5 November 2019 Timescales of Life and Mind Conference University of Edinburgh Website 
14 October 2019 Refined Audition: Music and Speech Conference* University of Oslo Web page 
30 July 2019 Norwegian Summer Institute on Language and Mind University of Oslo Website 
15 November 2018 Depiction, Pictorial Experience, and Vision Science Workshop University of Glasgow Web page 
9 November 2018 X-SPECT Project Workshop on Predictive Processing, State of the Art (and Just Beyond) University of Edinburgh  
10 September 2018 European Society for Philosophy & Psychology (ESPP) 2018 University of Rijeka, Croatia Website 
3 August 2018 Attention and Perceptual Capacities Workshop Trømse, Norway  
20 April 2018 Mind Network Meeting University of Edinburgh Website 
19 April 2018 Models of the Mind: Reasoning About Oneself and About Others University of Edinburgh Website 
22 February 2018 Perception: Particularity, Content, and Relation Workshop University of Zurich  
10 November 2017 X-SPECT Project Workshop University of Edinburgh Web page 
8 November 2017 Designed Mind Conference University of Edinburgh Website 
15 September 2017 The Particularity of Perception Workshop University of Glasgow Web page 
27 June 2017 The Human Mind Conference The Møller Centre, Cambridge Website 
22 June 2017 Human Olfaction at the Intersection of Language, Culture and Biology* Max Planck Institute, Radboud University, Nijmegen Web page 
23 May 2017 (S)PIN Workshop on Metaphysics in Philosophy of Perception University of Durham Web page 
27 April 2017 Sense-Data Workshop* University of Glasgow Web page 
3 April 2017 Rethinking the Senses Spring School* Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik Web page 
29 March 2017 (S)PIN Workshop on Naturalism in Philosophy of Perception University of York Web page 
17 February 2017 RTS Synchronising the Senses Workshop* University of Glasgow Web page 
15 September 2016 RTS Consciousness Workshop* Centre L’Oubradou, Le Plan-de-la-Tour  
10 August 2016 European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP) 2016 University of St Andrews Website 
20 June 2016 Investigating Conscious Acquaintance* Institute of Philosophy, London Web page 
9 June 2016 Perceiving at a Distance Conference University of Antwerp Web page 
8 June 2016 RTS Attention Within and Across the Senses Workshop Institute of Philosophy, London  
11 May 2016 Suffering and Phenomenal Consciousness Conference University of Glasgow Web page 
5 May 2016 Early Career Mind Network Research Forum* University of Glasgow Web page 
4 April 2016 RTS Flavour Workshop* University of Oxford  
17 March 2016 RTS Action and Awareness Workshop* University of Warwick Web page 
12 January 2016 Thought and Sense Kickoff Workshop Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo Web page 
4 December 2015 Scots Philosophical Association Annual Meeting University of Glasgow Web page 
24 October 2015 The Role of Phenomenal Consciousness workshop University of Glasgow Web page 
8 September 2015 RTS Perception and Cognition: Top-Down Influences in Perceptual Experience* University of Glasgow Web page 
4 August 2015 Early Career Mind Network Pilot Meeting University of Warwick Web page 
29 May 2015 Ecological Perception: Amodal and Multimodal Trends University of Edinburgh Web page 
25 May 2015 Emergence and Grounding Conference University of Glasgow Web page 
26 March 2015 Workshop on Perception and Reasoning with Susanna Siegel University of Tübingen Web page 
31 October 2014 RTS Constructing Perceptual Objects: Binding Within and Across the Senses Institute of Philosophy, London Web page 
16 September 2014 European Society for Philosophy & Psychology (ESPP) 2014 Noto, Sicily Website 
14 July 2014 Mental Fictionalism Conference Eidyn, University of Edinburgh Web page 
4 July 2014 Suffering and Reason Conference* University of Glasgow Website 
19 June 2014 RTS Research Day* Institute of Philosophy, London Web page 
14 March 2014 RTS Two Senses of Smell Workshop Institute of Philosophy, London Web page 
10 March 2014 Multi-sensory/Cross-modal Research Day* University of Glasgow  
6 March 2014 RTS What Role for the Distinction Between the Senses? Workshop* Institute of Philosophy, London Web page 
13 December 2013 Acting on Principle: Themes from Onora O’Neill Workshop University of Sussex Website 
7 December 2013 MindGrad 2013 University of Warwick Website 
23 March 2013 7th Mind Network Meeting University of London Website 
1 December 2012 MindGrad 2012* University of Warwick Website 
1 September 2012 Perceptual Attention Workshop* University of Antwerp Website 
6 July 2012 Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association University of Stirling Website 
29 June 2012 Themes from Charles Travis: Language, Perception and the Early Analytic Legacy University of East Anglia Website 
12 May 2012 15th Annual International Graduate Conference in Philosophy: Perception University of Essex  
29 March 2012 The Nature of Phenomenal Qualities University of Hertfordshire Website 
13 December 2011 4th Mind Network Meeting University of Birmingham Website 
3 December 2011 MindGrad 2011* University of Warwick Website 
11 November 2011 15th Annual Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference University of Oxford Website 
9 April 2011 Columbia/NYU 11th Annual Graduate Conference in Philosophy New York University  
1 April 2011 14th Annual Philosophy Graduate Student Conference City University of New York (CUNY) Website 
4 December 2010 MindGrad 2010* University of Warwick Website 
29 October 2010 Emotion and Perception Workshop University of Glasgow Website 
14 May 2010 Colour, Experience, and Meaning: Issues of Description, Explanation, and Interpretation in Art History, Philosophy, and Psychology University of Warwick  
31 March 2010 One-day Conference on Sensory Substitution, Synaesthesia, Sensation and Perception Institute of Philosophy, London Website 
20 March 2010 1st Mind Network Meeting University of Oxford Website 
5 December 2009 MindGrad 2009* University of Warwick Website 
19 September 2009 Perception, Consciousness and Reference Workshop University of Warwick  
13 June 2009 Arché Scepticism Conference University of St Andrews Website 
20 March 2009 Minds, Brains, and Beyond: An International Conference in Memory of Susan Hurley University of Bristol Website 
6 December 2008 MindGrad 2008* University of Warwick Website 
22 November 2008 12th Annual Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference University of Oxford Website 
2 April 2008 Consciousness and Time Workshop University of Edinburgh Website 
17 November 2007 Knowledge: Themes from McDowell Workshop University of Stirling Website 
2 November 2007 Arché/CSMN Graduate Conference University of St Andrews  
30 March 2007 British Undergraduate Philosophy Society Skills Conference University of Durham  
8 September 2006 British Undergraduate Philosophy Society Spring Conference University of Durham  
4 February 2006 British Undergraduate Philosophy Society Spring Conference University of Sheffield  
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