I strongly believe in the importance of increasing public awareness and understanding of philosophy, and am available to comment on a wide range of issues including:
  • Perception and the senses
  • Philosophy of science and the mind (esp. psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and the nature and experience of time), and
  • The relevance of philosophy and philosophical debate to wider society.

I am active on Twitter, and currently ranked as one of the top 25 Twitter accounts for philosophy.

I have been involved in the following public engagement and knowledge exchange activities.
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20 September 2019 Contributor and consultant to the Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences (CPS) Forskningstorget i Oslo 2019, University of Oslo Website 
27 September 2018 Beyond the Five Senses: Increasing Awareness of Sensory Experience in the Under-5s Evergreen Outdoor Nursery, Glasgow  
19 September 2017 Co-designer and technical consultant for The Illusions Index website Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, University of Glasgow Website 
30 September 2016 Organiser, research station at Glasgow Explorathon 2016 European Researchers’ Night, Glasgow Science Centre Web Page 
6 July 2016 Organiser, interactive exhibits for ‘Understanding the Senses: Past and Present’ workshop Special Collections, University of Glasgow Web Page 
11 June 2016 Organiser, research station and public talks on ‘The Philosophy and Psychology of Illusions’ Glasgow Science Festival, University of Glasgow Web Page 
1 February 2016 Advisor on multisensory experience design project Glasgow School of Art  
28 September 2015 Exhibited ‘Impossible Lego object’ at the Objects of Research exhibition Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow  
25 September 2015 Organiser, research station at Glasgow Explorathon 2015 European Researchers’ Night, Glasgow Science Centre Web Page 
6 June 2015 Organiser, research station and public talks on ‘Engaging the Senses’ Glasgow Science Festival, University of Glasgow Blog Post 
4 June 2015 Introduction to outdoor screening of The Matrix Glasgow Science Festival, University of Glasgow Blog Post 
4 June 2015 Interview about philosophy and science-fiction Glasgow Science Festival, University of Glasgow YouTube 
19 March 2015 Public talk at Late Night Science: Illusion and Perception on ‘How to Resist the Argument from Illusion’ The Research Club, Glasgow  
21 November 2014 Co-organiser, ‘The Hidden Senses: The Secrets of Taste and Smell’ event The Dana Centre, London Storify 
21 November 2014 Guest blog post on ‘Taste and Smell: The Hidden Senses’ Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities Blog Post 
26 September 2014 Organiser, research station at Glasgow Explorathon 2014 European Researchers’ Night, Glasgow Science Centre  
15 September 2013 Invited article on ‘Perception and Reality’ New Philosopher magazine Web Page 
Showing 17 items