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posted 18 Jun 2013, 07:30 by Keith Wilson   [ updated 21 Jul 2013, 09:38 ]

Welcome to my new site!

After almost a year of being officially websiteless when my previous site bit the dust with the demise of Apple’s iWeb, I thought it was about time I created a site that reflects my current philosophical research and interests. I intend to keep it updated with blog posts, drafts of papers and links that may be of interest to professional philosophers and students alike. Though my main interests lie the philosophy of mind and perception, I welcome feedback and discussion with anyone with an interest in academic philosophy, so please feel free to leave comments either here or on Twitter.

I decided to go with Google Sites as a neutral, if somewhat basic, platform for the new site. Though it lacks the sophistication and design flair of dedicated blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr, it contains a number of features that make it suitable for an academic or professional website, including free domain name customisation and integration with Google Docs—useful for uploading papers and the like. Unfortunately, Google Sites doesn't support user comments as standard, but I was able to add this via Disqus, a third-party add-on that fills the gap.

The contents of the site were largely taken from my existing e-portfolio at the University of Warwick, which has evolved during the course of my Ph.D. studies, but with additional room for expansion in areas I’d like to develop further. One idea I hope to explore is creating a wiki for my research, possibly including contributions from other philosophers and colleagues, which was another factor in my choice of hosting platform. (As you can see, recent changes to the site—an essential feature of any wiki—appears in the sidebar on the right.)

I'd be interested to know how other academics use their websites for research, so if you know of any particularly good examples of academics’ personal sites, or if you’d just like to say ‘hi’, please post a link or comment below.

Thanks for visiting and do drop me a line or subscribe via RSS if you’d like to keep in touch.

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